Covid-19 strategic in Tanzania.

Tanzania has a very consistent travel restriction policy. Most recently (published May 2021), health management restricted entry from arrivals coming from India. Otherwise, travel into Tanzania is open. This country is dependent on tourism and interaction with neighboring nations, and there is no indication that they will close the border again.


Social Distancing is easily accomplished for safari drives and mountain treks. Travel groups stay together and do not necessarily need to have any interaction with anyone outside of the climbing team or their safari group.
Most of the activities travelers to Tanzania experience are outdoors, in fresh air. Game drives and wildlife viewing, hiking and trekking are all outdoor experiences. Despite these great statistics, we recommend that travelers get vaccinated before visiting Tanzania.

The Tanzania government has as of the 16th of august 2021 there will be an official reduction on the fee for PCR tests and Rapid tests on mainland Tanzania. From then on, the PCR test will cost half, $50, and the rapid test will go down to $10.

Travel guide in Tanzania

Company flexibility upon pandemic.

Staff retention is our first priority; customer care is our close second. To the pandemic, Twiga Safari is the flexible travel company in Tanzania to change the traveler’s schedule to fulfill customer wishes. Due to international border’s changes and travel restrictions, the traveler can postpone the trip until the situation at list back to normal rather than cancelling.

Our measures for protection.

Even before vaccination, Twiga Safari had developed a number of measures to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading coronavirus in our team or to our guests.
For our climbing expeditions, safari drivers and hotel personnel we have mandated and overseen the use of antiseptic to clean work surfaces, as well as regular sanitizing of hands by all team members. Our support team is required to maintain physical distance in accordance with social distancing guidelines. If you have concerns about traveling to Tanzania at this time, whether due to travel restrictions, health risks or other reasons, please feel free to contact us and learn more about our procedures and approaches to keep you safe.


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